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Nightingale Health is set to analyse 40,000 blood samples from the biggest biobank in Finland, THL Biobank, to enable bring personalised medicine to Finnish healthcare.

It plans to allow preventive Finnish healthcare by angilia rights hand fully integrating its technologies into healthcare systems and giving tools for patients to comply with up on their own health.

Teemu Suna, CEO and founder of Nightingale Health, stated: “Nightingale’s mission in solving the global burden of chronic ailments, such as diabetes and heart diseases, is strongly linked to continuous proof generation.

“This indicates working with planet-top institutions and biosample collections to make the future of early chronic illness prevention.

“The scientific possibilities of really large sample collections are really exciting and our scientific group at Nightingale is seeking forward to starting their personalised medicine analyses of THL Bbiobank samples.”

Moving from present medical practices

A single Ebern Designs issue to think about for personalised medicine is the understanding of how to move away from existing healthcare practices where every person receives equivalent therapies and have additional personalised treatments tailored to specific patient groups.

Dr Peter Wurtz, scientific director and founder of Nightingale Wellness, mentioned: “Very big sample collections, with samples from tens or hundreds of thousands of individuals, are needed to take concrete measures towards personaliszed medicine.

“Analysing the 40,000 THL Biobank samples with Nightingale’s biomarker testing technology enables us to capture detailed biological variations Ebern Designs amongst patient groups. This translates into improved prediction of heart illness and other chronic ailments in the Finnish population.”

Biobank evaluation is now viable

Prohibitive fees and time constraints have, until recently, prevented the evaluation of extensive metabolic data from huge-scale biobank collections. Nightingale’s technologies has now produced this course of action viable.

Director of THL Biobank, Sirpa Soini, concluded: “We think that biobanks are an elemental part of solving global overall health issues. With the advent of personaliszed medicine, biobanks want to go beyond storing samples in the freezers and constructing clinical information repositories, by acquiring complete molecular measures that have an effect on medical research and can sooner or later advantage our healthcare method clinical practice.

“We are excited to function with Nightingale Ebern Designs to obtain complete biomarker information Ebern Designs to enrich our population cohorts at unprecedented scale.

“Our aim is to construct THL Biobank into a treasure-trove for the global health-related community, assisting researchers and clinicians to locate novel approaches to develop much better healthcare for everybody.”

Supply: Nightingale Overall health

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